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Accepted Papers

This is the list of invited speakers and accepted papers. The detailed conference program is available here.

Invited Speakers:

  • John A. Zachman, Chairman, Zachman International, Inc.
  • Dimitris Karagiannis, University of Vienna

Full Papers:

Improving Strategic Scanning information analysis: an optimized measure for information proximity evaluation
Annette Casagrande, Edison Loza Aguirre and Laurent Vuillon

Process Variability Modeling for Complex Organizations
Riccardo Cognini, Flavio Corradini, Andrea Polini and Barbara Re

Semantic Business Process Representation to enhance the degree of BPM Mechanization with an Ontology
Diego Fanesi, Knut Hinkelmann and Diletta Romana Cacciagrano

Service-Oriented Architecture: A Mapping Study
Brice A. D. Gbaffonou, James Lapalme and Roger Champagne

Work Level Related Human Factors for Enterprise Architecture as Organisational Strategy
Sonja Gilliland, Paula Kotzé and Alta Van der Merwe

An Interactive Video System for Learning and Knowledge Management
Michael Langbauer and Franz Lehner

Enterprise Capability Modeling: Concepts, Method and Application
Pericles Loucopoulos, Christina Stratigaki, Mohammad Hossein Danesh, George Bravos and George Dimitrakopoulos

Assessing the suitability of in-memory databases in an enterprise context
Robert Meyer, Vassilena Banova, Alexandru Danciu, Demian Prutscher and Helmut Krcmar

Organisational Theory: Did IT Outgrow Management Theory. A Case Study of the African Oil and Gas industry
Colin Prince and Andre de La Harpe

Towards an Agile Requirements Engineering Process combining HERMES 5 and SCRUM
Birgit Schär, Stephan Jüngling and Barbara Thönssen

Threats and Opportunities for Information Systems Outsourcing
Hanlie Smuts, Paula Kotzé, Alta Van der Merwe and Marianne Loock

Business Process as a Service: Model Based Business and IT Cloud Alignment as a Cloud Offering
Robert Woitsch and Wilfrid Utz

Short Papers:

Learning in a dynamic Information Management world
Toon Abcouwer and Bas Smit

Adoption of New Technological Innovation by SMMEs in South Africa – Information Accessibility a key to Successful Technology Uptake
Ayodeji Afolayan and Andre de La Harpe

Pluggable SaaS Integration: Quality Characteristics for Cloud Based Application Services
Fabian Aulkemeier, Maria-Eugenia Iacob and Jos Van Hillegersberg

Business Model Management System Design: Manifesto, Requirements and Prototype
Michael Blaschke, Maurus L. Wuethrich, Uwe V. Riss and Petros Papakostas

Cloud Computing Business Case Framework
Kevin Bieber, Stella Gatziu Grivas and Claudio Giovanoli

KPI Evaluation of the Business Process Execution through Event Monitoring Activity
Antonello Calabrò, Francesca Lonetti and Eda Marchetti

A Cloud Readiness Assessment Framework
Carlo Colicchio, Claudio Giovanoli and Stella Gatziu Grivas

Modularization of Software as a Service Products: A Case Study of the Configuration Management Tool Puppet
Johannes Hintsch, Carsten Görling and Klaus Turowski

How does Enterprise Architecture support innovation?
Marco Nardello, James Lapalme, Gustav Toppenberg and John Gøtze

An AHP-Based analysis of the cost of ERP Modification
Minou Parhizkar and Marco Comuzzi

Profile based Service Selection for Cloud Brokering Systems with a focus on SaaS
Prasad Pulikal, Claudio Giovanoli and Stella Gatziu Grivas

Proposing a Measurument Model to Determine Enterprise Architecture success as a feasible mechanism to align business and IT
Mamolapone Adelaide Rakgoale and Jan C Mentz

Run-Time Composition of Partly Structured Business Processes using Heuristic Planning
Danillo Sprovieri and Sandro Vogler